2017: The Year of My Artistic Push

It's officially six days into 2018 and I am still looking at and thinking about my 2017 "wanted to have completed " list.  It's not terribly long....it's just not DONE.. 

And it boils down to what was "REALISTIC vs UNREALISTIC.

For example, I actually started writing content for this space Christmas eve, but it just wasn't coming. Looked like coal, felt like coal, wah-la, it was coal!  Unsatisfactory attempts and ideas all over the space. My last entry was in July. I intended to keep up and write monthly ,if not more. Not DONE.

I wanted to have a shopping cart on this site to make it easier to buy my art. Not done.


However,  when I look at my "to do/goal " list for 2017 it is longer with more check marks beside them. I do feel more accomplished and proud. but it also makes me realize what actually was Realistic vs Unrealistic.

did more shows than I ever had -8 -, created far more paintings, sales, more technology to learn ( Squarespace, Mailchimp,) new marketing materials


2017-11-03 02.34.35.jpg
_Buddha MG_8151.jpg