Introducing the What's Up Pop Up Newsletter

I mentioned in my first blog post, Me and, that I wasn't sure what to do with this space called Blog that came with my website. I am not obligated to use it. I can turn the space into anything.  I have a blog on Tumblr -  The Art of Creative Pursuits and Passions about the creative process and things that inspire me.  Mind you,  I haven't posted on it in over a year but I still like it. So I will keep it and show it more love and attention.  ( I can just hear a professional organizer that helps you purge stuff telling me to get rid of it but I'm not ready yet.)

This space is a fresh opportunity and the start of brand new day/endeavor for me. (You can groan. Photo is one of 8 pop-up sunrises I took in Costa Rica in Jan 2017 and wanted to apply it somehow in this context). 

I gave myself time to come up with some ideas until one hollered NEXT! There are definite voids in my "must have"  marketing and social media arsenal that need filling, attention or both. My website took first priority. Now that that is in good shape, I have decided on my NEXT and have the perfect space to do it!  Clue: You'll find it two paragraphs up.

Pop Ups are all over city streets and neighborhoods filling vacant spaces that need transforming. They are host to rotating artworks, kiosks, events, and other creative, inventive uses. And they are not limited to one theme or idea so there is flexibility to change and reconfigure when and if necessary. With this available pop up space on my website,  I am taking on the role of creative landlord to transform it into something fun, informative and inspiring. It's so close to my home, head and heart, just a matter of feet and inches so there is no commute. AND, the rent is already paid for the year so I don't have to worry about eviction.

So with some fanfare and much relief, this Blog space entitled What's Up,What's New,What's Happening, will be used as my newsletter. For now until I convert to MailChimp-maybe..I like that it is the same platform as my website. Shaves some time off the learning curve and I use the same URL to log in. I am becoming more comfortable and confident using this platform. All the more reason to use and promote it more.

I felt horrible when I recognized that the only time I truly reached out to connect to everyone was when I had a show coming up. This includes people I met and talked to at shows,  gave me their emails, purchased my art, and all the supportive friends, acquaintances, coworkers who continue to help and encourage me. The appearance of 'Sure, contact me only when you want to make a sale.  Erratic and inconsistent communication'  certainly makes it easier for them move on and for me to be forgotten. I want to be taken seriously. Absolutely, positively FAIR. I have learned and hope to change this. That is why this newsletter and this space in important to me and my definite NEXT!.

I am looking forward to connecting more with you, being less fair weathered, sharing more of what is going on with my art, what's up with me, interesting events, and yes, what's happening with shows I am doing.  You can always come to this Pop Up Newsletter to find out What's Up, What's New, What's Happening. My NEXT! holler plan: creating a Shopping Cart for my site. Can't wait to begin that learning curve.