Mixed media art

For ALL It's Worth

Whenever I ask Worth for advice related to my artistic pursuits and ambitions, and tack on healthy life style changes, I expect some form of mental, emotional, physical and financial challenge. And it delivers. Worth is either my cheerleader or killjoy, Hmmm, which one will it be? Depends on the question, timing, and circumstances. Let me think about this.

© Marilyn Grad 2018

© Marilyn Grad 2018

Questioning Worth, as a noun, verb, preposition or idiom, has proven to be an interesting and valuable exercise. When I see Worth ONLY as $$$$$, and nothing else, I with my self esteem, my with my I t not all for mental, emotional, physical and financial, investment, I may ask or tell myself

- Is it worth it?
- It isn’t worth it
- What’s it worth?
- For whatever its worth
- How much is it worth?
- If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well
- More trouble than its worth
- Worth of a thing is what it will bring
- Worth the time and/or effort
- Get one’s money’s worth
- One hour’s sleep before midnight is worth two after
- Ounce of discretion is worth a pound of wit
- Make something worth one’s while
- Ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure
- Be worth one’s weight in gold
- The game is not worth the candle (huh?)

My creativity and curiosity takes me on these amazing and mysterious adventures and cultural journeys, where I learn about Buddha, Hindu deities, eastern traditions and philosophy. I am living my walk and talk. I feel empowered spiritually, intuitively and trust my instincts. I am becoming more knowledgeable in the healing power and meanings of crystals, gemstones and rituals. I use them in my art and they’re all around my apartment. I carry them with me too.

Ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. I am connected to one of the most beautiful, authentic and supportive yoga communities, Tejas Yoga. I owe a lot to this studio for sharing and teaching me subtle riches obtained through asanas, mantras, philosophy, yoga sutras and ayurveda.

If its worth doing, it’s worth doing well. The Chicago art community is abundantly rich with talented artists, support, generosity and resources.. Most recently, I joined Art NXT Level with Sergio Gomez, and Dr. Yanina Gomez, a community driven, accelerated program and support system that helps artists with marketing, exposure, organization and wellness. I am so excited! My personal vision of artistic worth just got better!!

At the Southport Art Festival this year, Amy Amdur, President of Amdur Productions, stopped by booth to observe my work. She and her staff have been wonderful to me and have contributed greatly to my artistic growth and show confidence. She is candid and constructively honest where improvement is needed and gracious with her compliments. This was my fourth time doing this show. She entered my booth, observing my art and display, looked at me and said. “You’ve found your sensibility.” smiled and left. I will be honest. I didn't quite know how to take that so I asked her later when I saw her. Answer: “It’s a good thing. You have created a solid body of work. You found your voice . It’s beautiful.”

I would say this is all worthwhile.

© Marilyn Grad 2017

© Marilyn Grad 2017