I will have an onsite shopping cart to make it easy for you to purchase my work. Until completed, you may contact me using the Contact page and please leave a message. I will follow up.with you very soon after.

If there is a painting you see and like, and it is labeled SOLD or want something more personalized perhaps by color, stone, and deity.  I can and will recreate something similar, not identical, for you depending on availability of materials. There is some flexibility too on panel sizes, however I do not work in large scale formats..MasterCard, Visa and Discover, checks and cash accepted.

If you are in the Chicago area, visit me at one of my Shows and see my work in person. There are always new pieces that have not yet made to the website. And of course, I would love to meet you.



Helpful resource to obtain symbolic meaning of stones, deities, used in a painting.


Buddha Eyes:



Detail 3

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