Inspire Me Oh Muze, Saraswati with Sodalite © Marilyn Grad 2016

Inspire Me Oh Muze, Saraswati with Sodalite © Marilyn Grad 2016


Welcome! I'm so glad you're here. I invite you to explore my six galleries of original, one-of-a-kind and eclectic limited edition handpainted artworks.  Several years in the making, this body of work is authentic, inspiring, and fun. Quoting a visitor attending one of my art festivals: "Awesome. Awesome.Awesome."



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"May all beings have happy minds." - Buddha
"This is impossible." - Alice in Wonderland
"Only if you believe it is." - The Mad Hatter

Buddha literally means enlightened one, a knower, one who has achieved a state of peace, harmony and conscience.  When combined with healing gemstones or crystals, it helps to focus and visualize your attention, devotion or meditation.

Buddha Eyes (also known as Wisdom Eyes), look out in the all four directions to symbolize the omniscience (all-seeing) of Buddha. They are meant to remind us to cultivate compassion towards all living creatures, and to be mindful in everything we do.


Geisha/Asian Influences

A woman of the arts, Geisha are highly trained performers of traditional dance, music, singing and poetry. Their elegance, poise, discipline and artistry is what attracts me so to Geisha.



In art and in life, the Deities are my Spiritual Muses. They are iconic, symbolic and sacred "go to's" for creative support, guidance and inspiration.

When paired with crystals, gemstones and/or mantra, the deities are a generous, healing, and powerful way to experience the divine in a way that best suits a need at a particular time, be it the removal of obstacles, and/or acquiring wealth and prosperity (material and spiritual,)

The Hindu Deities I use most frequently, based on availability include:

Ganesha - the elephant-headed god of wisdom, learning and prosperity; removal of obstacles and auspicious for new beginnings. He is also worshiped as the god of education, knowledge and wealth.

Lakshmi - the Hindu goddess of wealth, prosperity (material and spiritual), fortune, and the embodiment of beauty.

Saraswati - the Hindu goddess of knowledge, music, art, wisdom and learning.



Time to have some fun, share some humor, smiles, giggles and connect with Whim(sical). At art festivals, these pieces generate the most laughter, big smiles, and relatibility. It is so great to witness. Easy to customize and personalize too.


Natural Elements

Grounding doesn't come naturally to me. It's a challenge. My "As Above" nature clearly comes through in my Buddha and Deities work. So in order express and achieve "and So Below,"  I combine elements found and made in nature, such as ground stones, sand, plants, recycled stone tiles, crystals and gemstones, unfinished wood, shells, rocks from a Costa Rican beach, in neutral, earth tone color palettes.



Abstract is my free form style which is creatively very liberating. These works are not carefully thought out or planned. Rather, in process, they are "lets just see what happens here when I....."  If/When I see something I like, be it color, texture or technique, I stay with it until it gets my final brushstroke of approval. Color and texture are key in the Abstract.

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