"Well I got my first Marilyn Grad original and I LOVE IT!!!" Peter Mars, American Pop Artist, Mars Gallery

"As this busy year begins to wrap up and room is made for thoughts of family and loved ones, I want to thank you for the joy and peace my family, friends and loved ones  share, caused in part by our admiration of your beautiful artwork now displayed on the walls of our homes and even in my office at work. Regardless of the religious affiliations of the grateful recipients of these gifts which I purchased from you, to a person, your artwork brings  thoughts and feelings of joy, peace and hope to each of them. I intend to continue to share your beautiful pieces of art with my  loved ones, and strongly encourage others who are looking for  meaningful and beautiful gifts to do the same" .

"To say that you hit a home run would be an understatement. Perfect in every way .Thank you again for the beauty, creativity and love you share with the world in your art, and for the inspirational piece you created at my request."

"To have an expression of you in my home is comforting."

"I'm IN LOVE with my new piece of art! Hung it up as soon as I got home! I look at it every morning and night! Thank you again! "

"I appreciate your craft so much."

"Thank you for the beautiful art you make."

"Let them copy you. You don't need to copy anybody." - Kelly Mathews, Chicago Artist

"Your art makes me smile. It has a happy feel."


"Very Creative. So unique."

"You have a wonderful use of color."

"I have never seen anything like this before!!."

"OMG. These are amazing. It's rare to see something new at art fairs, and I go to a lot of art fairs. I LOVE THEM ALL!"

"WOW,  these are so cool. I love them. I feel so connected. I can't wait to go home and meditate."

"What's the point of art if you can't have meaningful art?"

"Your work is so beautiful. Great use of color".




“Check Our Marilyn Grad’s Artwork” profile at Voyage Chicago

Featured Artist
Illumine Magazine, Winter 2015 Pg. 8